M&S Haul: Rosie for Autograph

As my obsession with rose gold everything continues..a makeup brand caught my eye which I had to try out. Rosie Huntington Whiteley, yes the gorgeous super model, has brought out a makeup collection with Autograph for M&S ..now apart from all of the packaging being stunning and eye catching..the shades and variety of items she has created definitely grabbed my attention, elegant classic shades that can be worn in the daytime or vamped up for the evening.


The range varies from skin care to face,cheeks, eyes and lips. When I first saw the stand in Marks & Spencer I was kind of overwhelmed and didn’t really know where to start..I purchased a few items I knew could potentially be a staple in my make up bag.

My first thoughts when looking over the stands were that it does look quite similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s range..focusing on rose gold packaging but nevertheless I continued looking round.

The first item I grabbed was the Radiance Cream – £18 this instantly reminded me of CT’s Wonderglow Primer and when I tested it on the back of my hand it had similar qualities..glowy, smoothing and light enough to be used as a primer.

After using it a few times now I really do love this stuff..it blends well over moisturizer or you can use it as a primer/moisturiser in one which if you’re in a hurry would be a perfect go to product..you get a subtle glow with it and leaves a super smooth base for foundation.


Next up is the Translucent Finishing Powder – £18. I’m always up for trying new face powders and this one looked promising. I love the tub this powder is in as it has a unique mesh over the top of the powder..you simply dip in the brush and the mesh brings out just the right amount of product without you having to tap huge amounts of excess off, something I hate and think wastes the product. The feel of this powder on the face is baby soft…it’s a very finely milled powder and sweeps on effortlessly, sets your makeup in place without leaving it too caked up.

The next item I couldn’t wait to get my hands on was the eyeshadow palette in Copper Gold Rush-£18. Again this reminded me of the C.T eye palettes..it contains one matte shade which is a taupey nude, perfect as a base shade however this does come off slightly darker when swatched than it appears in the palette, one highlight…a creamy champagne ideal for a brow bone highlight. Now for the main reason I picked up this palette, a stunning rose gold shimmer shade which gives a lovely pop of colour and finally a dark chocolate-brown which is matte but with flecks of glitter running through it.

I love these eyeshadows..especially the rose gold shade. They are quite pigmented and appear on the lid as they do when swatched on the back of your hand..definitely buildable shadows, however I do find when applying I  get some fall out onto my cheeks, easily removed but nevertheless I find these do fade a little throughout the day, but if you were to use an eyeshadow primer, I use Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo, the colour becomes more intense when applied and they last just that bit longer.

DSCN6766Overall I really like these products the only thing I find strange is that all the products I picked up were the same prices..I would say the face powder is overpriced but because I loved the result it gives to my make up I would be happy to repurchase.

I’m eager to try a few more things from the range. The Eyeshadow Sticks in particular as when I swatched them the colour intensity was amazing and for £12.50 I don’t think you can go wrong whereas the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Shadow Sticks are priced at £19. I also want to try out the Miracle Concealer and Lipsticks from the collection.

What do you think of the RHW range for Autograph ?

Until next time



Mini Beauty Haul

Today I thought I’d bring you a few bits I’ve picked up recently in Superdrug. It’s not very often I go into a drugstore and browse these days..mainly because I find it so overwhelming and frustrating. I went in searching for an orange toned lipstick…with summer slowly approaching I thought it was time to start looking for some new shades to add to my lipstick collection.

I spent so much time up and down the isles, swatch after swatch looking like some crazy woman with lipstick all over my arms until I found a really nice orange toned red..yes I know I wanted an orange but all the ones I swatched almost felt TOO orange for my skin tone. This Maxfactor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick in Ever Striking is described as a deep Coral..it’s so pigmented and glides on the lips effortlessly and smells really fruity too! I’ve worn this a few times now and can say it lasts all day..but gives your lips moisture. I’m obsessed with lipsticks that are super pigmented but also moisturise too..you get the best of both worlds really.


I also picked up this lip liner from L’oreal Paris in Perfect Red which…despite the name is slightly lighter orange tone so it pairs beautifully with the lipstick. Sometimes I find it difficult with drugstore lip liners as they start to wear off in bits and then you’re left with an uneven lip look…not so nice..but this one is brilliant, really long wearing and brightens up the lipstick just that touch more.


Another item that caught my eye was Rimmel’s new range of Super Gel Polishes. I got the colours ‘Bare Hug’ which is a cool toned taupe. The other a Kate Moss one in the colour ‘Bare Yourself’, a very light creamy nude which will be perfect for the summer! I’ve tried both of the colours out and I love them. I applied two coats which should be enough..but make sure it’s thoroughly dried before you add the topcoat…this seals the polish and gives it that super shiny, gel-like effect as if you’ve just stepped out of the salon. I will definitely be purchasing more shades. In Superdrug at the moment they have an offer on where you can get a polish and topcoat in a set for £8.99 instead of paying £5.99 for each individually..what a steal!


What beauty products have you discovered lately?!

Until Next Time



Foodie Find

So here’s a post I haven’t done before but was eager to share. For anyone living in the Yorkshire area this is a must visit place for food.

The Kaye Arms at Grange Moor in Wakefield, somewhere I’d never visited before but my mum suggested we go for a meal. It’s about a twenty minute drive from where I live..so I was hoping it was worth taking the time to drive there as usually we go for meals closer to home, living quite close to the city centre with only a five minute drive to a variety of places to eat.

kaye arms dinnerKAYE ARMS DESSERT

This pub is located near an old farm and surrounded by greenery, which in the summer would be so pretty and peaceful. As soon as you walk in it’s so cosy and homey.. I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed. I can’t really describe it other than country vibes with little touches of elegance.

The service was fantastic..attentive friendly staff who couldn’t do enough for you..as soon as we were seated someone came to take our drinks order followed by food.The menu is full of classic british dishes with a modern twist and they source produce locally too.

We all had a main and dessert and honestly I can’t tell you how amazing quality the food was. From presentation to taste it was excellent. I had Slow braised shoulder of Yorkshire lamb, baby spinach & goat cheese with creamed potato. As described from the menu and the flavours were amazing!

For dessert I had Hot chocolate & pistachio nut fondant pudding tart with cappuccino ice cream…erm yes, you read that right..coffee ice cream..beautiful. This was delicious, finished off the meal nicely and the good thing was you didn’t feel completely stuffed and in need of a lay down after so much food.

This is a hidden gem, I’m so glad mum found this place and I will be revisiting to sample more of their delicious menu.


Until Next Time



New Years Eve: Edinburgh

I know I know… this post is SUPER late, but its take me a while to get back into the swing of blogging. I must have re-written this post at least ten times but now I feel it’s the best it can be…all about my family trip to Edinburgh…hope you enjoy!



So for this New Year me and my family decided to venture to Edinburgh to take part in the Hogmanay events. It’s always somewhere I’ve wanted to visit ever since I was a little girl so I was really excited to get there and explore.

We stayed for a week in a lovely apartment close to the city centre which made it so easy to get into town, just a 20 minute walk and it was close to lots of food places, pubs and quirky shops.

Now usually I get a bit uneasy with doing things so spontaneously, I need to have a plan and know exactly what is going to happen to really relax and enjoy something. However I’d kind of psyched myself up to relax and remember it was a holiday to have fun, try new things and make some great memories. By some miracle all my anxiousness I usually get at home almost disappeared.

Over the week we tried to do something different each day.. to really pack in as much as possible. Shopping of course was high on the list of things that needed to be done, much to our boyfriends dismay (mine and my sisters) Edinburgh for shopping really reminds me of London, you have a long strip of endless shops..needless to say we were in heaven. I was on a hunt for Anthropologie and The White Company, candles and teacups are a must…right?!


On our travels we discovered Sir Walker Scotts Traditional Tea Rooms, hidden away above a shop called Romanes & Patersons on Princes street. This became a firm favourite, after trailing around all day in the cold and hustle bustle of the shops there was nothing more comforting than having a pot of tea & the most delicious scones I’d ever tasted while looking out over Princes street. The perfect winter warmer.


One of the days we decided to look round the old town in Edinburgh, full of independent, vintage and traditional shops, this was my favourite part of the town. The whole atomosphere in this area was much more relaxed, the buildings were so stunning, with churches and little cobbled lanes dotted around corners. We also saw a traditional bag piper here, which was amazing to see..the boyfriend loved it too, reminded him more of home. My mum also loved it, and broke out into a jig..much to the embarrassment of us all, we decided to walk away very quickly at this point!

Another highlight of the trip was going to the Edinburgh Dungeons. Something I was apprehensive about..me and my sister got scared just going into the toilets before we’d even got our tickets! I’ve always chickened out of doing experiences like this as the tension usually gets to me way too much, but this time I was determined and it was absolutely brilliant, hannah even made a friend..one of the creepy women showing us round took a shine to her, this was a hilarious moment which is something we still talk about now.

For the actual hogmanay events, I wasn’t as excited for as I knew it was outside in the freezing cold, but nevertheless we went and tried to enjoy the street party..but I quickly realised it wasn’t for me. Me and Tom decided to go off and entertain ourselves looking round the German market and then I tried my first battered haggis..which really doesn’t look edible but it was so nice! We then made our way up onto the hill..through the huge crowds to find my parents to bring in the new year..which was accompanied with amazing fireworks to music.


Looking back now I’m glad I made myself go through the experience.. but being in a crowd of that capacity and knowing I wouldn’t be able to escape easily definitely made me panic, I’m very happy Tom was there to comfort me as I got a bit emotional. As we walked back towards our apartment we decided to call in a pub called OX, very cute and arty…the barman in there was so cool and made me the BEST latte ever! We had a few drinks before heading home and flopping into bed..the best feeling ever when you’ve been on your feet for 5 hours in the freezing cold!

The evening before we were heading home..we took a trip to The Hardrock Cafe, as it was Tommys birthday. I always love going here for food..the atmosphere is great…good music, friendly staff and awesome cocktails..I had a Pina Colada which always reminds me of being abroad..but it was a lovely night and we were all stuffed afterwards.

Exploring Edinburgh was really exciting and I definitely want to go back maybe just with Tom and stay in a different area to explore the city more. I’ve always wanted to see more of the countryside in Scotland as it looks so beautiful..my next venture hopefully.


Until Next Time






Meeting Joe Sugg


Last month was a great one and a moment that I felt I just had to write about was meeting yet another Youtuber. Joe Sugg was on his book tour for his graphic novel, Username:Evie and I was so excited when I found out he was coming to Leeds! As always my cousin Sarah was on hand as soon as the news was announced to get tickets. I think we only just managed to get them too, which was so lucky!



We started off by getting the train into leeds on a freezing morning! Tea was needed at this point to warm us up. Unforuntatley the train was so packed we had to stand up for the journey there, but that didn’t matter as we checked twitter to see if anything was going on that we’d missed out on for at least 10 whole minutes!

As the train pulled in we rushed out of the station eager to get in the queue for the signing. We quickly found our way around Leeds to the Waterstones shop and got in the queue as soon as we could, excited to see what was going to happen.  We got a few selfies in there while we were waiting, just to pass the time of course, but overall time seemed to fly by. There was music playing in the store as we queued which boosted everyones mood even more, singing along, dancing around and generally having a good time.Then when we were almost to the front of the queue we both started to freak out a little.

I felt more concious being there anyway at 24, I was most likely one of the oldest viewers at the event but in reality I suppose that doesn’t matter, it was just me being paranoid as always.

We finally got  to the front after around 2 hours of waiting, I started to feel a little nervous, trying to plan in my head what I was going to say as I knew I’d only have a few minutes with Joe and didn’t want to waste it.

I walked into the signing space and was greeted by Joe with the biggest smile followed by an enthusastic ‘hellooo’ and such a comforting hug that made me feel so at ease, almost like I was an old friend he was meeting up with. I couldn’t help but notice how much taller he was in person, I purposly didn’t wear my heeled boots just incase we ended up being the same height. Is that silly…haha… I’m not sure ? I don’t know if this is just me but I got a very strange feeling coming face to face with Joe which was initially recognition, of course it was, I watch Joe all the time I know what he looks like, right?! But I don’t actually really know him…While this was going through my mind Joe totally suprised me, he looked somehow different to on his videos, apart from the occasional *runs fingers through his hair* action which he always does everything else was different. Much more confident, making eye contact with me as soon as he’d said hello and of course very charming. He was so genuine, caring about what I had to say and again it just seemed like we were chatting as old friends.



We spoke about how loud it was in the room with everyone cheering and singing but also about me probably being one of his oldest viewers there and that we were the same age. He kindly took the pictures on my phone, as I’m not going to lie my hands were shaking slightly after speaking for a while, I think he might have noticed. Oophs! It was the best five minutes just to get to speak to him and not be so nervous I couldn’t string together a sentence , as often thats what happens! Overall my impressions that I had in mind of him before meeting didn’t dissappoint. Something which I’m always wary of when meeting people I admire.

After the signing me and sarah tried to calm ourselves down and flicked through our photos, strolling through the shops trying to find somewhere to have lunch because…after two hours of queueing on nervous energy…we were starving! Eventually we settled on good old Mcdonalds, as we spoke about where our next adverntures would take us.We then got the train home, but not before getting a Starbucks for the journey…because more often than not I can’t walk past a coffee place without getting something…it’s my weakeness!










As the train pulled out of the station, I spent a moment reflecting on the day we’d had. No doubt a great day spent with my lovely cousin Sarah…we seem to be closer now than we ever have although we’re 11 years apart in age we have similar interests and for some unknown reason I always feel very protective towards her, if she reads this I hope she realises how much I love going on little adventures with her and hopefully there will be many more to come!

I decided not long ago that I would start doing more things that make me happy. When I was younger I never really got involved in the hype of band signings or special events purely because I felt like I shouldn’t go, or I wasn’t worthy of going..a silly thought I know but now I want to try and make a concious effort to do things that create memories I can look back on. Another personal goal achieved…bring on the next one!

You can buy Joes Graphic Novel here…Username:Evie

Until next time




London. Meeting Tanya Burr

Hello Everyone!

So today I wanted to share an experience with you that happened quite a few months ago. Now usually I’m never really one for entering competitions or even winning things, it never happens to me! But one day I decided I would enter the Origins competition that popped up on my Facebook feed. I simp11246854_10155672470090046_5458606560939727033_nly had to
comment to say what product I was loving and why I wanted to meet Tanya… I think that’s how it went anyway!

To my surprise I got the news I’d won a pair of tickets to the VIP Meet and greet with Tanya Burr!! I was so excited I forgot to reply to the message,  half an hour before the event closed I had to enter my details and the name of the person I was bringing along with me… my sister Hannah ( of course ) In a panic I frantically typed out my details, double checking spelling mistakes!

I was going to meet Tanya Burr on the 27th of May in London. I was so excited, usually the thought of travelling to new places makes me nervous and I tend to end up talking myself out of going. This felt different, I was happy, excited to explore london..a place I had visited before but always felt a little overwhelmed by. Since I started watching people’s vlogs on YouTube I almost felt like I knew some of the places better than I know my own town.

I booked the coach tickets and was eager to get down there and start exploring. We went to get the coach early Wednesday morning, I was so excited but slightly nervous for the journey as I knew it was going to take at least 4 hours to get there if not longer, surprise surprise.. the coach ended up getting stuck in traffic and we were late arriving.

Nevertheless it didn’t deter our enthusiasm, our first hurdle was getting on the tube! Now usually I’m so bad with directions and getting to places, if I have to use a map or even just navigate myself on google maps11329943_10155672472255046_5099928283601630336_n, I’m terrible. But this time I was determined to give it a go and take charge. Managing to not get completely lost and keen to get shopping we headed for Oxford street, our first stop was Topshop. I couldn’t believe how huge this one shop was, three floors, a DJ booth, juice bar and not to mention a whole floor for shoes! I was in heaven. My sister tried on some clothes and we took a few ‘selfies’ in the huge changing rooms, pretty normal, obviously. By the time we got out we only had chance to visit a few other shops briefly before heading towards John Lewis for the meet and greet event, which was the longest walk ever! I thought we would never get there through all the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Finally we got to where the event was being held to be greeted by a lovely girl working for John Lewis who showed us where to go and queue. After what felt like waiting for hours (actually was only 30 minutes) we got to go in! The event was being held at the rooftop terrace of the John Lewis store, which was amazingly decorated in a beach party theme. Different coloured 11265114_10155672470660046_721075783845393431_nlanterns hanging from everywhere, a smoothie station and even a selfie booth with props! I was in awe of the whole thing, the fact we got to be there and meet other people who shared the same interest about ‘YouTubers’ and loved Tanya as much as I do, it was great to chat to people who were so like-minded.

We then got told the team from Origins were going to come out to the stations that were set up and we would each receive a skin consultation to really get the right products for our skin type, something which I was very excited about! After chatting with the lovely lady for twenty minutes we both had our cards with our skin details on. I was tempted to just purchase everything I had been matched with, but I resisted and ended up buying the ‘Tanya Burrs Favourites’ box. This contained lots of tany burrrdifferent products Tanya uses and loves the most, but also held a lot of the items I wanted to try out! The GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser, was something I was eager to purchase and after having a demonstration of this on myself I fell in love with how this product made my skin feel after just one use, but also the smell is amazing! Perfect to wake you up on a morning which is something I definitely need help with.

Then the time finally came for Tanya to come out and meet everyone! There was a little introduction and a few questions from the Origins team, then we finally got to meet her! We each got a copy of Tanya’s book too, perfect for her to sign. The time came when we were up nex, I was trying to think of something interesting to say to her, I was quite nervous but she chatted to us for a while asking where we had come from and if we’d had a nice day, the conversation went better than I’d planned. Such a surreal moment. She was as lovely as she comes across in her videos, bubbly, funny almost like you’re chatting to your closest friend at times.


After the event had finished we decided to go grab something to eat, close to the coach station so there was no chance of us getting lost and missing our coach home! Needless to say we had a disaster with the coach, which was an hour and half late to pick us up!! I decided to relax on the journey home, take in the day and reflect on the events but also come to terms with the fact we met Tanya Burr! Even if it was only for 20 minutes we got to see her and speak to her, we had a brilliant sister day out and I’m really proud of myself for having the courage to take charge and go out of my comfort zone to do something completely different. The only down side to the day was getting in at 3am from the delayed coach, I was not pleased about this at all, naughty coach company!

If you’re interesed here’s a list of the other origins products that came in the Tanya Burr Box:

Full size- Eye Doctor eye cream

Sample- Drink Up intensive overnight mask 

Sample- GinZing refreshing eye cream

Sample- Dr Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom soothing face cream 

Sample- Original Skin Renewal serum with Willowherb

I love the idea of having little samples as it gives you a chance to try things out. I can honestly say I love all the products I tried but my absolute favourites, along with the GinZing Cleanser are the GinZing eye cream, overnight mask and renewal serum. These made a huge difference to the texture of my skin and the smell each product is amazing!

Now, funnily enough every time I use my origins products, it just reminds me of this day and what a great experience it was. It has made me realise just how much I don’t do, something I want to change in the future. I want to explore different places, go on day trips to different cities with my friends and family and make new memories.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my little trip out,

Until next time


Frosty Eyes Look

Hello Everyone!

This sunday afternoon I thought I would share an eye make up look I tried out which is something different for me. Since I’ve started to build up my own Mac palette I’ve been favouring more gold and bronze shades for the eyes but I’ve been clearing out my make up and rediscovered some Sleek and MUA palettes I had neglected and thought it was time to play around with them again…which is how this look was formed!


I began by doing my base make up as usual. For my eye base I used this Avon Magix Eye Radiance Brightening Wand, which I also use under my eyes as I get really heavy bags, this just gives the smoothest finish and makes applying eyeshadow a dream! Then I went in with a new product from Superdrug’s B. Range which is a cream eyeshadow from the B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer range in the shade 182 Moonshine. This is very pigmented, shimmery and works amazing as a base. I applied this all over but concentrated mainly on the inner corner of my eyes.

DSCN6447 (1)

Over the top of this I applied the shade Antiqued from the Pretty Edgy MUA Luxe palette which is a beautiful pearly highlight, shown in the photo below, top row, furthest shade to the left. I found when I packed this on top of the cream eyeshadow it gave a very intense shimmer.

Next using my Sleek Bad Girl 596 palette I used the two middle grey/blue shades and packed these onto the middle of my eyelid. These colours are so pigmented which is amazing. Also each time I use them they come out in slightly different tones. For example when you swatch them on bare skin they come out almost blue/grey but when I applied them over my base colours they came out more of a frost blue/grey colour.


Onto the outer corner I used the Bad Girl palette, the next shade along to the blue/greys I’d previously used. This is a shimmery grey/black and I only had to use a tiny amount to get some definition within the corner of my eyes. I then finally went on to buff out the colours slightly over my eyelid. Depending on what look you’re going for you could leave this really intense and bold but I wanted to soften my look and give a softer effect to the eye.

To complete the look I used the same shadow shades underneath my eye almost like an eyeliner and slightly smudged that in with a clean brush, to make it blend with the rest of the look. I then used Benefits Roller Lash mascara, to give a defined dramatic lash effect. I find when I go bold on the eye shadow I like to make my eye lashes really stand out. If you don’t like the feel of false lashes, like me, this mascara is the next best thing it works wonders!

The photos below show the finished eye look. I am happy with how this turned out and love the shape and softness to the edges around the eyes. I photographed this in natural light on a bright day and added a close up shot so you get to see the real detail of the eye shadows.


DSCN6394 (1)

I really do like trying new colours on my eyes and it is definitely something I will be trying more of in future. Mainly I don’t tend to try cool colours incase they don’t suit me or they make me look too washed out, as I’m quite pale. I will be reaching for this Sleek palette in the near future as there are a range of greens, purples and more intense blues I would like to try out.

Until next time!!


What’s in my bag?!

Hello Everyone!

I thought I’d go for something simple on this sunday afternoon and post a What’s In My Bag, mainly because I just got this one from H&M recently and I’m love with it so so much. I watched Gabriella’s ‘Summer Morning routine’ video where this bag featured and I instantly fell in love so decided to buy it for myself.

DSCN6532               DSCN6539


I love that the tasselled part detaches so you can use it as a clutch or shoulder bag and has a gorgeous metal link strap, perfect for a night out! Having said that, I don’t really go on nights out too often…but you never know when it may come in handy right !?

Anyway, let’s get into it…


Starting with the things on top of the Zoeva bag.. My Fuji Green Tea Cologne from The Body Shop..you always need to smell nice! Fearne cotton hand cream which I use everyday! No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Saviour I mainly use this during winter but it’s a miracle worker on dry lips! Nail file, Mac ‘Spirit’ because who doesn’t have a nude lipstick in their handbag, its pretty essential! I love using this Zoeva bag to put all my essentials into, it keeps everything in order and things aren’t floating around in a mess at the bottom of your bag. I got this with my make up brushes I ordered from Beauty Bay.

Moving to the Zoella cosmetic purse’…perfect for little bits but I usually put my electrical things here. My iPod is constantly with me, I can’t go on any journey without it. I really try to keep my headphones attached too because If I leave them behind it’s so irritating to have one thing without the other. I also carry this portable charger with me, I can use this for my phone and it has a changeable attachment for my iPod, I’m not sure where I got this from as it was a while ago but I know you can find good quality ones online.

Finally onto the things I just pop in my bag.


A note-book is essential for me, this is cute and has a matching pen, perfect if you’re a list maker, like myself. The purse I use is from Topshop, it has lots of compartments so I don’t lose any cards! I always need some sort of brush/hairband, in case of any hair disasters. I got this Tangle Teezer as a gift and now I wouldn’t use any other brush, it leaves my hair frizz-free and I use it on wet hair after a shower. It doesn’t pull half of your hair out with it either, always a bonus. Sunglasses are my guilty pleasure, I have quite a collection but these are my favourite, I found some similar from River Island.

Now I may only have one key on this bunch surrounded by key-rings but how else would I find my keys floating around in my bag? Most of the key-rings I’ve either received as a gift or are sentimental to me. My favourite is the ‘Mcbusted‘ one. I love love love Mcfly and have been a die-hard fan since they began, then when Mcbusted formed of course I went to see them live too! Now every time I see this key ring at the bottom of my bag I instantly smile as I’m reminded me of all the fun times I’ve had while seeing them live, so pretty sentimental. Finishing off with my phone, I never leave the house without it, how would I survive? I have the Sony Xperia Z and I got this cute case from Ebay.


I realise I like to ramble on a bit, but rather than just listing the items I keep with me I felt it would make sense to write more in-depth about each item. I know I love to read posts which give some info as to what the products are like or if it’s something personal, why they love it so much. I hope you enjoyed reading this and having a look in my hand bag.

Until next time


Day to Night: Lipstick Edition

Hello everyone!

I decided that this week I would talk about my most loved lipsticks. I’ve spent so much time searching the isles in shops on the high street and department stores, aimlessly swatching those stand out colours to find my perfect match to only come out even more confused! So I’ve picked out my personal faves to share with you. For anyone looking for quality products that last and don’t cost a fortune, I think I’ve found the best of the bunch…these will not disappoint!


My first pick is something you can wear if you don’t really want a lot of colour but feel like you need a little something so your lips don’t feel naked! This Ted Baker London in a ‘Nude’ shade is perfect for that! It’s very moisturising and leaves a lovely sheen on the lips! I got this in a set of three as a present which included a pink tone and red also. I believe these were from Boots, I’m not sDSCN6508ure if you can get them anymore, but maybe look online for individual ones.

Next up is my holy grail Mac in the shade ‘Spirit’. What can I say about this lipstick, to me this is my perfect nude shade, it compliments my skin tone no matter what make up look I decided to go for whether that’s a highly contoured bronzed look or a natural one. Although this particular shade is a satin finish this tends to stay on all day and doesn’t dry out my lips. I feel with Mac lip products you always get quality and something long-lasting. I love everything about this, the vanilla scent, the pigment, how easy it is to apply. I just cannot fault it.

One of the newest additions to my lip collection, and something I was very excited about getting my hands on, was the Zoella Beauty Kissy Missy Lip Balm. Now after loving Zoe’s first collection but feeling like there were a few things missing I was longing for a make up product in her latest range, like magic this was born! A bargain at only £3, I was just expecting it to be an opaque formula that just moisturised the lips. I was pleasantly surprised to see just how pigmented it was, this makes it perfect if you want to build up colour. Personally I love to just apply one layer for a natural pink lip but there is definitely room to go bright and bold too! If you could get your hands on a lip liner in a similar shade, build up the colour with that and then add the balm over the top. I think this would create a striking pink lip.DSCN6486

Onto another one of my Mac new additions in the shade ‘Mehr’. I bought this on a whim as I had seen the lovely blogger and youtuber Lily Pebbles rock this colour! It’s a nude/pink tone in a matte finish. I love this as an alternative to wear in the day instead of a neutral tone. If I’m going out with the family or for a meal I pair this with my Mac lipliner in Soar, a slightly deeper toned pink. I add this all over the lips first as a base then sweep a little of the lipstick over the top. This gives ultimate staying power especially when you’re out for a meal, it doesn’t budge!

Now If you’re daring and like a bold lip colour these next few are for you! I can’t tell you how many purple and berry toned lipsticks I’ve tried but the one I always sway towards lately is my Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in the shade ‘Backstage 035’. I usually pair this with the Revlon lip liner in ‘Plum’. Together this duo give the ultimate staying power through having drinks, a meal, anything! I would suggest maybe using a lip balm on beforehand to moisturise while you do your make up then apply lipstick last, this will keep them hydrated as a few times I’ve felt my lips

L-R: Blakes red, Backstage 035, Kissy Missy, Mehr, Sable, Ted Baker Nude.

L-R: Blakes red, Backstage 035, Kissy Missy, Mehr, Spirit, Ted Baker Nude.

were a little dry. Other than that, this is a great lipstick.

The final option I have is this bold Red from L’oreal Paris Exclusive Edition in the shade‘Blake’. I loved the richness of this particular red as some deeper tones often make me look washed out as I am quite pale. I bought this as I had heard so many people raving about it and needed to try it out for myself. I love the formula of this product it’s creamy and moisturising on the lips but once its on it stays. The pigmentation of this lipstick is amazing! I hate it when you get a colour you love, come to apply it and the colour is so light, this doesn’t happen with this lipstick. Bold and beautiful and for only £6.99 a great price for a quality lipstick.

Well there it is, my top 6 lipsticks ranging from day to night. I know I constantly struggle to pick out the perfect lipsticks, but I’m learning. Now I look online at lipsticks first, see what catches my eye, then go into a store to try them out. No more hours spent swatching to death in the shops and coming home more confused than ever. I hope I’ve helped any of you wanting to try something new and get good quality products for your money. Happy shopping!!

Until next time


Favourite Face Look

Recently I’ve started to mix things up with my make up routine and use some old products which I discovered looking a little helpless at the back of my make up drawer along with some shiny new additions to the make up collection. I have found myself subconsciously recreating this look a lot over the last month and thought I would give a step by step guide to how I use the products, the brushes I love the most and some favourite items of mine. So here it is….


Step one… conceal any imperfections. I always like to start off my make up routine by covering over the bad bits! As I use toVersion 2 suffer with acne I have scarring and the odd spot to deal with. Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Concealer ‘Ivory 10’ is a new favourite for me, it’s a creamy consistency but covers amazingly! I dot this on with my finger as it tends to warm the product nicely and then I use the Zoeva Concealer and Buffer Brush just to blend it into the areas it’s needed.

Step Two… Foundation. I’ve pulled out an old favourite which is the Mac Pro Longwear Foundation. I use the shade NC20 and find this is a perfect match as I have a yellow undertone to my skin it never looks like I’ve been tangoed, not a great look! On me personally I find it more of a medium buildable coverage, it blends effortlessly with any brush I use and actually leaves a slightly dewy look to the skDSCN6160in. I use the Zoeva Silk-Finish brush which is beautiful!

Step Three…Conceal those under eyes! If you’re anything like me, a bit of a worrier and stress about anything, this will be a crucial step in your make up routine as some days you get really dark heavy bags. My rescue remedy is Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Concealer Ivory 10′. Thinner in consistency to the lasting finish one this gives a brightening effect to the under eyes. I dot this on with the applicator and blend with a fluffy brush.

Step Four…Powder me Matte. I use the Stay Matte Powder from Rimmel in the shade ‘Silky Beige.’ Personally I find this the best powder ever! It gives me a natural finish and paired with the Zoeva Powder Brush I can swirl this on my face to keep my foundation in place all day! I have tried high end powders but never see the difference and at the price of £3.99 you can’t really go wrong.

Steph Five…Define those Brows… To me this step is vital, I have very light eyebrows and without filling them in I tend to look DSCN6167 (1)odd. I feel eyebrows frame your whole face and can be a feature to enhance any make up look. My go to product has to be the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Granite. I find it’s such a diverse product you can go big and bold with precise definition or use less product for a natural brow. My favourite brush to use is the Zoeva Wing Liner brush.

anything else.

Step Six…Eyeshadow Base. This makes the world of difference if you’re wanting to create an Version 3intense eye look. I use Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo 24 Hour in the shade ‘Creamy Beige 98’, this is a ‘leather effect’ which gives it more of a matte finish making it perfect to use underneath powder shadows. I have also used this with another eye shadow from the range On and On Bronze 35 which is a beautiful metallic shade. I simply apply with my finger to the lid and blend out. You can get these long-lasting cream shadows in a wide range of colours too!

Step Seven…Eyeshadow. With the look I have been going back to lately I have used three different shades of eyeshadow, the first is a gorgeous sand pink shimmer shade from Bourjois Little Round Pot Version 5Intense range. I put this all over my lid but concentration on the inner corner using a MAC 235 brush. But you could use any flat brush which has a stiffer feel to it so you can really pack on product.

I then go oDSCN6171 (2)nto fill in the middle of my lid using my Mac palette, first with the shade Sable which is a medium brown colour with red undertones to it creating a warm feel. Then on the outer corners and through the crease I added Antiqued which is the most amazing coppery, rust brown again with red undertones. For this I used the Zoeva Petit Crease Brush. To intensify the look I always use the same colours on my waterline then blend out the colours over all the eye area using a Zoeva Soft Luxe Definer. I love mac eyeshadows as they never crease and are Version 2extremely pigmented so a little goes a long way!

Step Eight…Lashes. My new favourite is the Benefit’s Roller Lash. I don’t really know what it is about this mascara that has me reaching for it time and time again but I am obsessed! The curved brush really grabs all the lashes and seems to give them lift and definition all at once. I usually go in with a second coat which really intensifies the volume of my lashes!

Step Nine…Contour. My aim is to always contour without looking fake. I have always struggled to find the DSCN6167perfect powder bronzer which doesn’t have shimmer but isn’t orange toned. Then I stumbled across the Face Contour Kit from Sleek. Perfect! I use this under my cheek bones and around the sides of my face near the temples, blending it out with the Zoeva Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush.

This contour kit also comes with a highlight shade which I use on the high points of my face usually just above the bronzed areas and also the brow bone. If I’m going for a more defined look  I might add some down the middle of my nose onto the cupids bow and chin area. It’s a lovely champagne pearl shade that I am in love with at the moment!

Step Ten….Blush. I went back to an old favourite of mine for this step using Sleek’s Rose Gold Blush. I would say if you want to see the full effect of this blush go into a store to try this out! This has a frost like sheen to it and the gold tones it picks up are subtle but when it catches the light gives you a warm glow. I add this to the apples of my cheeks only very slightly using the Zoeva Face Shape Brush. Depending on how intense the highlight is I sometimes miss this step out for a more natural look.DSCN6174

Step Eleven…Lips. For the final touch I like to use a lip liner first as it really does make a difference to the overall look. Mac’s Soar is the perfect colour to match the eyeshadows I used. Then I went over the top with the lipstick shade Mehr which gives a matte finish in a gorgeous pinky nude tone, something which I can’t get enough of lately. I do think that Mac lip products are expensive and I would recommend looking at GOSH for a drug store brand of lip liner which is similar. However as far as lipsticks go I have a serious love for with Mac ones and I definitely want to add more shades to my growing collection!

                     Here are some different views of the make up look I created…hope you like it!

                                  DSCN6252            DSCN6245